My Shadow – Meniere’s

Freed, but I will never forget …


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What is Meniere’s Disease, and why is it on top of the list of ENTs’ and audiologists’ ear diseases they would never like to have.


Raising awareness

‘The Colour of Broken’ ~ a novel with a main character with Meniere’s disease.

Amazon #1 bestseller


The ‘Captive Art Series’

Created to tell a story, and to find the beauty in the ugliness of Meniere’s disease.


Meniere’s BLOG

The spark of hope can never be extinguished.

Julieann wallace

I am mindful of those who also have incurable diseases or are walking the path of a diagnosis that is life changing. My blog never aims to undermine the severity of anyone else’s illness, disability or journey. We all deal with life with different tolerances, attitudes and thresholds.  ‘My Shadow -Meniere’s’ is my journey. It is my hope that it can help others with Meniere’s disease, or  hearing loss.

About this blog ... It’s not just about the physical aspect of a Cochlear Implant – you can research them online. I am sharing the otherside of the journey towards a Cochlear Implant –  my feelings, my appointments, the process, apprehensions, successes and failures as I step into the next chapter of my Meniere’s journey.

Art by Julieann Wallace
About Julieann

Julieann is a best-selling author (Amelia Grace), artist and teacher. Meniere’s disease has been her un-friend for 24 years …