Captive ~ an art journey

Art has always been a part of my life. It allows me to lose myself and find myself at the same time. It is always a source of happiness, and frustration at once. And I love that art tells a story, not necessarily mine, but the story of the person who views it.

The following artworks are from my ‘Captive’ Art Series. They tell the story of the journey of life before and during the diagnosis of an incurable disease, with hope always shining its light, and the belief in a cure to be discovered in the future. 

Captive, a series of four artworks, represents the turbulent journey of diagnosis of an incurable disease, in my case, Meniere’s disease.

Colour and symbolism are subtly imbued in each of the pieces to evoke and connect to emotions of each stage of the journey. Music. Swirls. Wings. The butterfly. The lack of music. The vertigo flowers.

Prints are available to purchase.

Captive Artwork 1

Once Upon a Time … pale colours of undervalue, representing taking your health, life, and the world around you for granted, yet freely flying to reaching your dreams and aspirations. The colour of freedom.

Captive Artwork 2

Until the Storm … the colour of broken – dark volatile colours, with swirls for the unknown, depression, and an unforeseeable, unpredictable future.

Captive Artwork 3

Hope … the colour of belief, in the hope that something good will happen. Yet, the bird’s wings are clipped, causing it to be captive, rendering it unable to fly free from the condition, limiting life quality.

Captive Artwork 4

Cured … yet to come, but an imaginable colour of gratitude. The colour of happy. An explosion of bright colours in happiness and thankfulness.

Dedicated to those who live with Meniere’s Disease, and Vincent van Gogh, who was not insane as history states, but lived with undiagnosed Meniere’s disease, as recently revealed by the medical profession. A cure will be found.

Captive Art Series

The ‘Captive’ art series, firstly as narrative art, then with titles, and finally with a story overlayed over the artworks. From within the ‘Captive’ art series came vertigo roses.

All artworks are available as digital prints in various sizes for purchase from: or

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