Meniere’s Journal

Meniere’s disease is life changing.

A written journal is a powerful mindfulness tool. It gives you focus, reflection, and control, and has been proven to increase activity in the brain’s motor cortex, providing a meditative and therapeutic effect.

The Daily Meniere’s Journal is designed to help identify triggers and patterns in your life that may cause the symptoms of Meniere’s disease. It’s a valuable tool to take to your health care professionals.

It’s time to take back what Meniere’s disease has taken from you.

It is my hope that this journal can help you. Each page has a table of Symptoms, and of What Helped Me?. Add information to Weather, Food and Other Triggers. By keeping a track of your daily living with Meniere’s, you may find a pattern that will help you with your battle against it. As you are using the journal, highlight symptoms you have on that day, add notes about what you are experiencing, or any new symptoms, plus vertigo length and severity. Please be aware that I have added BPPV* (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo – a problem with the crystals in the inner ear. Symptoms are brief periods of vertigo, that is, of a spinning sensation upon changes in the position of the head). BPPV is NOT a symptom of Meniere’s. You can have Meniere’s and BPPV at the same time. BPPV has a technique called the Epley Manoeuvre that may stop those episodes.

Because this is your journal, add your own stamp and style. Glue in prayers, inspirational verses or images that speak to you in some way. Be creative, be arty. I have added pages of light text at the end of each month, where you can draw or paint artwork over the top, or glue notes you have written, or letters to yourself etc. Being a Secondary Art Teacher, I know the value of art as a tool for healing and restoration when words are simply not enough.

Three Things I am Thankful For Today – When I was struggling with my Meniere’s in the early 2000’s, I learned the value of finding things I was thankful for. Everyday. Single. Day. No matter how small. This act of focusing is now called ‘Mindfulness’, and is very powerful. As you travel daily with your Meniere’s, remember, you are a warrior, you’ve got this!

Daily Meniere’s Journal – A5 size – 390 pages – covering one year of entries

You can also check Amazon where you live.

Proceeds from this journal will be donated to Meniere’s research.

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