The Colour of Broken

~ Bestselling Novel

‘The Colour of Broken’ is a best-selling novel that has a main character with Meniere’s disease. It has been #1 on Amazon in its category, garnered 5 star reviews and is regularly sold out. The novel has successfully helped to raise awareness and understanding for Meniere’s warrior, above and beyond just giving us a voice. 100% of profits from sales are donated to Meniere’s research at MRFI (Meniere’s Research Fund Incorporated ) at the University of Sydney’s Mind and Brain Centre. The novel is currently in New York with a producer.

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The Colour of Broken

The streets of Tarrin woke to a beautiful morn. Flowers for Fleur opened, gifting the township with its colourful blooms and magical flower fragrances that convinced people the world was indeed a beautiful place, filled with love and light. Except, it was a lie.

There was darkness within. A darkness that sought to rise and consume the light of two souls.

Two women. Two tragic tales. Broken lives. Broken dreams.

The loved and the unlovable, bound by blood.

Just a small sample of the praise for ‘The Colour of Broken’

“I just finished reading The Colour of Broken. I read it in 2 sittings (only stopping the first because of the onset of a migraine). It was beautiful, and powerful. I lost myself in it, and forgot that I was reading, which only happens with the very best of stories. As a fellow MD sufferer I truly appreciated Fleur’s depiction of the illness, but it was Yolande and her PTSD which hooked me from beginning to end. I, too, suffer from anxiety and panic disorders, and your portrayal of Yolande’s brokenness and fear was masterful. Thank you for this extraordinary experience!”

“Could not put this book down.”

“I just finished reading The Color Broken. It’s amazing! From the description of Meniere’s disease to the second story line, I couldn’t put it down. I’m ordering soon for my daughters, I too have tried to hide it but now I’m gonna share it!”

“I am 3/4 the way thru it and love/hate it. Love the book and all it stands for, hate the book for all of the bad/sad memories it is bringing back when my Meniere’s was really awful. Everyone who has or knows someone with Meniere’s should read this book!”

“My hubby is reading the book now too! I am so pleased. He got to page 50 and remarked he felt like crying.”  

“Absolutely beautiful! I’m so glad I ordered extra copies so my family can read and learn what I go through daily as a Meniere’s Warrior. Thank you for sharing our story in this heartfelt story of love, courage, daily struggles and LIFE. And the extra story touched me so deeply…all I can say is Thank You!”

“I loved this book. So easy to read, hard to put down, but may not have read for a few days then picked up again and not lose the continuity. Described Menieres Disease and the sudden onset of vertigo attacks with such detail that only someone else suffering Menieres would be able to describe. Thanks Julieann, for sharing it with the rest of the world and for donating your profits to find a cure for this horrible Menieres disease. Will definitely recommend it to our library.”

“I’m at the very end. I’m going to be sad when its over.”

“I just finished The Colour of Broken, and I just want to say congratulations on writing one of the best books I have read in a long time. I’m an avid reader so I’ve read a lot of books , and I could not put it down. I laughed, cried, loved all of the characters. A wonderful storyline, characters which you fall in love with, truly an incredible book – congratulations, you are very very talented x”

“My mother never believed I had MD. She thought I was faking the symptoms. I gave her your book and she came back to me begging for forgiveness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

“I loved the book, from beginning to end. I have menieres and you have captured all the symptoms so well, I couldn’t put it down. Loved the storyline and the characters.”

“I read your book this morning in the bath. Hard to stomach the external view of menieres from a loved ones perspective at times, but wonderfully educational in a subtle way. I have scars too. I prefer books to most people, especially ones that draw me in to reading them straight through. Thank you. ❤”

“Julieann Wallace I loved your book. Such an honest account of the life we live and it’s devastating effects on our family.”

“I’ve nearly finished it Julieann and it’s BLOODY fabulous!! Long time since i enjoyed a book this much. My partner started reading before me the bugger so I had to wait till he had finished( his special way of being suportive). He said (as a non sufferer) that from his outside perspective, the portrayal of MD symptoms was fantastic.”

“This is a beautiful, well-written story of love, courage, healing and strength which also shares the experience of living with or experiencing Meniere’s Disease (MD)”

“Excellent read. Author takes on difficult subject with gentle words. Would recommend to family member and those trying to “get it.””

“The story captures you from the first sentence and keeps you entertained with passion and hope for the future. It shares the very real struggles of life with Menieres and the hope we have for a cure. A must read!”

“Could not put this book down.”

“I was hooked from the beginning of this book. I’ll be reading it a second time.”


What People Say

“I would single this book out as one of my favourite books, ever!”

“Julieann, your book was awesome, I felt like you were telling my story. Thank you so much for writing it and giving us all a voice.”

“I loved my book, I’ve read it twice! It’s now one of my most treasured possessions 💕”




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